Sunday, July 05, 2020


M.O.M. Volunteers are needed in the areas listed below.  Please contact the Clinic at 281-8008 if you are interested in volunteering.

Non-Medical Volunteers

Duties include: Answering the phone, retrieving voice mail messages, contacting patients to remind them of their next-day appointment, determining if they will be keeping their appointment, filing and copying medical records, making or canceling appointments on computer, as well as typing, copying and faxing.
Duties include: Working with potential patients to complete screening packets to determine if they are financially eligible to receive Medical Outreach Ministries’ medical services.
Duties include: Greeting patients entering the building, directing patients to screening area when their name is called, helping keep the lobby area straightened, visiting with patients and families who are waiting, and taking completed charts to the back for processing by the nurses.
Medical Area Floater
Duties include: Straightening rooms between patients, serving as runner for physicians and nurses, and any other tasks as needed.
Data Entry 
Duties include: Entering data into the computer and organizing demographic data collection. Good computer skills needed including familiarity with Word and Excel. 

Medical Volunteers

Licensed Medical Nursing Personnel
Can be EMT, LPN, RN or BSN/RN. Duties include: Checking vital signs, height, weight, obtaining medical history, administering injections, collecting specimens/blood, assisting with physical exams, and other nursing functions. Must provide a current license each year at the Clinic.
Duties include: Performing patient examinations. Must provide a current Alabama Medical License each year of practice at the Clinic. Our physicians are covered by the Alabama Good Samaritan Act.

Clergy/Counseling Volunteers

Ministers, Chaplains, Christian Counselors, Lay Counselors
Duties include: Providing spiritual and emotional counseling services on-site daily. Staff can make the availability of this service known and identify patients who are in need of this service. Any volunteer may offer to listen and to pray with a patient who indicates the need. 

Medication Room

Medication Room Volunteers
Duties include: Sorting prescription drugs and assembling them in labeled packages to be dispensed by a physician. Medication room volunteers will receive special training to work in this area. We would welcome a licensed pharmacist, but we do not require a license for this position as the medicines are checked by the nurses and verified by the physicians.
Patient Advocate Assistant Clerk
Duties include: Filling out the proper paperwork required to order prescription drugs donated through drug companies’ indigent care programs.


Duties include: Supplying refreshments (cakes, cookies, etc.) for clinic employees and volunteers.