Sunday, July 05, 2020

By the Numbers

We operate with:
7 – Paid Staff
70 – Volunteers, including all of our physicians.

About M.O.M.




Our Mission

As a witness for Jesus Christ, Medical Outreach Ministries exists to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the medically underserved by providing free healthcare services. 

Vision Statement

Healing Hope for the Uninsured
Since 1998, Medical Outreach Ministries (M.O.M.) has provided over $30 million worth of medical care to our neighbors in need. 
While the poorest of the poor may be eligible for Medicaid or other public assistance, there are many uninsured persons in our community who fall through the cracks of the healthcare system. Their only access to a physician for even the most common illnesses is often through the local emergency rooms. Through financial and volunteer contributions, Medical Outreach Ministries is able to improve access to medical care for these needy members of our community.
M.O.M. provides care for over 7,400 patient visits each year with the consistent support of nearly 70 on-site volunteers, including RNs, pharmaceutical workers, clerical volunteers, and twelve amazing doctors, who volunteer their services each week to care for our patients. Along with our in-house doctors, many area physicians donate their specialty services as well.
In addition, Baptist Health Systems provide labs free of charge and largely subsidizes diagnostic tests to enable us to provide comprehensive health care beyond our primary setting.
Because most of our patients cannot afford the cost of buying their own prescriptions, our drug assistance program is equally vital – typically providing $160,000 in free medications monthly. Drugs are donated through the indigent drug programs of major pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Merck and Lily, while M.O.M. also purchases many medications. In some cases, we accept medication donations from the public provided they are unopened and unused and are not expired. 
Thanks to the help of all our supporters, we are able to offer our patients a medical home much like insured patients would find at their own doctors’ offices.

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